CloudTran & GigaSpaces

CloudTran and GigaSpaces Make a Perfect Match

GigaSpaces XAP Elastic Caching Edition delivers an in-memory data grid for fast data access, extreme performance, and scalability. Running CloudTran along side GigaSpaces also gives you out-of-the-box data persistence, making sure everything in the GigaSpaces cache also ends up on disk reliably and quickly.

Together, CloudTran and GigaSpaces eliminate database bottlenecks and guarantee full ACID-property transactions across caching nodes as well as to distributed databases. By acknowledging in-memory data as the "system of record", CloudTran is able to commit all transactions quickly in the GigaSpaces caching layer first and then asynchronously sends transactions to multiple back-end data stores in parallel. This means your applications will run at "grid speed", and your data will have all the durability and permanence expected by enterprise-caliber environments.

CloudTran for GigaSpaces Features

  • CloudTran ORM makes it easy to specify entities and relationships using a simple plug-in to Eclipse. The CloudTran ORM generates code for mapping all data access to Plain Old Java Object (POJO) for an easy and consistent programming metaphor.
  • CloudTran Transaction Manager provides ACID property transactions across GigaSpaces nodes and between GigaSpaces and sharded data stores. By unbundling transaction processing from the database layer and acknowledging the GigaSpaces data grid as the system of record, applications can run at in-memory speed with asynchronous write-behinds to disk.
  • CloudTran Shard and Storage Manager facilities the mapping of data to specific data store formats, scatter and gather of data, data grid start-up loads, and failover recovery.
  • GigaSpaces Memory Manager sets upper limits on memory usage in cluster nodes with automatic handling of overflow.
  • GigaSpaces Cluster & Replication let you arrange distributed cache in partitions, replicated units, or a combination of both.
  • GigaSpaces Discovery & Communication enables cluster members to automatically discover other members.

CloudTran Architecture With GigaSpaces

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