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8.1 How to launch and use JConsole

JConsole can be found in the Java 6 JDK installation directory at bin/jconsole.exe. It can be launched without any parameters.

After starting, JConsole will list all the Java applications which are running on the local machine, the application to be monitored can be chosen by double clicking on it.

To identify an application running on the local machine (e.g. via Eclipse), you will need the The Process Id. This is identified by the first few lines of system output:
For a remote deployment, the easiest approach is to use the GigaSpaces UI (started by '/bin/gs-ui.bat-sh'). When the machines are running, you can find (the primary of!) the PU you are interested in. Normally, for tuning we look at the CoordinatorPU; sometimes it's also worth launching a JConsole for the Coordinator PUs. Right-click on the GSC containing the PU and choose 'Launch JConsole...'.
On the next screen - for local or remote JMX connections - there are several tabs related to monitoring and management. The CloudTran , under the MBeans tab the monitoring and management beans related to Cloudtran can be found.
On the left side of the MBeans screen there is a directory structure, there the CloudTran directory contains the managable beans related to CloudTran. By clicking on a bean another node will be visible under the bean in the directory tree called Attributes. By clicking on the Attributes node the bean attributes becames visible. The attributes with black color are read only, the attributes with blue color are tunable.
If a numerical read only attribute is double clicked the value will be replaced with a chart.

The chart is refreshed every 4 seconds. To refresh the read only values (if you do not use the chart) press the refresh button at the bottom of the screen. The tunable values normally changed only by the user and actual value is displayed all the time, but regardless the refresh button refreshes them as well.

In the directory tree left to the Attributes node there is a '+' sign, if it is clicked the list of the attributes will be shown in the directory tree.

Clicking on an attribute will show the attribute value and description.

On the attribute individual page it is also possible to refresh the value or getting a chart by double clicking on its value.

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