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8.10 The Cohort crash test bean

This bean helps to perform crash tests. It is useful to test out the behaviour in case of crash.

Instead of attributes this bean has operations which can be activated by clicking on the button with the operation name on it. After the operation completes a confirmation message is shown.

8.10.1  Operations

Crashes the cohort right after the Cohort commit finishes inside the CloudTran API, before it returns to the client. This tests timeout of the application: the client application should eventually abort the transaction, because the cohort has failed. Even though the cohort has "committed", this part of the transaction must be rolled back when the transaction is aborted at the Transaction Manager.


Crashes the cohort before it is able to process the distributed transaction instructions sent by the Coordinator.

This is used to test failover at the Cohort. The backup Cohort will become primary and recover its state. Then the Transaction Manager will resend the commit/abort instructions. The end state should be the same as if the original cohort primary had not crashed.

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