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Packages that use NamedSemaphore

Uses of NamedSemaphore in com.cloudtran.coherence

Methods in com.cloudtran.coherence with parameters of type NamedSemaphore
 boolean DefaultManagerEventListener.committing(ManagerEvent event, NamedSemaphore semaphore)
 boolean ManagerEventListener.committing(ManagerEvent event, NamedSemaphore commitSemaphore)
          This event is called once the preCommit() method returns successfully.
 boolean DefaultManagerEventListener.doTransactionLog(ManagerEvent event, boolean persisted, NamedSemaphore loggingSemaphore)
 boolean ManagerEventListener.doTransactionLog(ManagerEvent event, boolean persisted, NamedSemaphore loggingSemaphore)
          This event is called when transaction logging is to be performed.

Uses of NamedSemaphore in com.cloudtran.replicator

Fields in com.cloudtran.replicator declared as NamedSemaphore
 NamedSemaphore ReplicatorOutboundRequest.finishOutboundRequestSem
 NamedSemaphore ReplicatorPacket.replicatorReleaseSemaphore
          Semaphore to be released by when the Replicator service has taken responsibility.

Methods in com.cloudtran.replicator with parameters of type NamedSemaphore
static void Api.replicate(ManagerEvent event, NamedSemaphore semaphore)
          This method is part of the thread of control of a committing application so it guarantees that the message will be transmitted to the replicator service.