Class AbstractLinkInitializer

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public abstract class AbstractLinkInitializer
extends Object
implements LinkInitializer

Abstract implementation of LinkInitializer. This implements the initialize( isServer, String[] ) method and then calls the initialize( InetAddress[] ) method.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 List<LinkProvider> initialize(boolean thisEndIsServer, String remoteDataCenterName, int port, String[] remoteAddressStrings)
          Given an array of addressStrings, create a Link for each string, and return the array of Links.
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Constructor Detail


public AbstractLinkInitializer()
Method Detail


public List<LinkProvider> initialize(boolean thisEndIsServer,
                                     String remoteDataCenterName,
                                     int port,
                                     String[] remoteAddressStrings)
Description copied from interface: LinkInitializer
Given an array of addressStrings, create a Link for each string, and return the array of Links.

The Links returned must implement the chosen protocol for the LinkProvider.

Normally, user implementations of LinkInitializer can extend {link AbstractLinkInitializer} and use its implementation of this method, leaving only the InetSocketAddress version of this initialize() to be implemented.

Specified by:
initialize in interface LinkInitializer
thisEndIsServer - tells the mode for this connection. thisEndIsServer means, set up a server connection on this link. Otherwise, set up a client connection.
remoteDataCenterName - the name of the remote data center, which appears in the config property after "". For example, "ct.replicator.inbound.East=..." turns into remoteDataCenterName="East".
port - The port number to listen on (for server connections) or to connect to (for client connections).
remoteAddressStrings - the list of IP (w.x.y.z) or hostname ( addresses from the config string for the link, broken apart by commas (',') and trimmed (leading and trailing whitespace removed).
This method should return if the links can be configured; otherwise, it should not proceed - it should exit the main process.