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Uses of ManagerEvent in com.cloudtran.coherence

Methods in com.cloudtran.coherence with parameters of type ManagerEvent
 boolean DefaultManagerEventListener.committing(ManagerEvent event, NamedSemaphore semaphore)
 boolean ManagerEventListener.committing(ManagerEvent event, NamedSemaphore commitSemaphore)
          This event is called once the preCommit() method returns successfully.
 void DefaultManagerEventListener.complete(ManagerEvent event)
 void ManagerEventListener.complete(ManagerEvent event)
          This event is called once all actions on this transaction (log, commit to the grid and persist) have completed.
 boolean DefaultManagerEventListener.doTransactionLog(ManagerEvent event, boolean persisted, NamedSemaphore loggingSemaphore)
 boolean ManagerEventListener.doTransactionLog(ManagerEvent event, boolean persisted, NamedSemaphore loggingSemaphore)
          This event is called when transaction logging is to be performed.
 void DefaultManagerEventListener.preCommit(ManagerEvent event)
 void ManagerEventListener.preCommit(ManagerEvent event)
          This event is called before the committing state.
 void DefaultManagerEventListener.rollback(ManagerEvent event)
 void ManagerEventListener.rollback(ManagerEvent event)
          This event is called when an abort has been called.

Uses of ManagerEvent in com.cloudtran.replicator

Methods in com.cloudtran.replicator with parameters of type ManagerEvent
static void Api.replicate(ManagerEvent event, NamedSemaphore semaphore)
          This method is part of the thread of control of a committing application so it guarantees that the message will be transmitted to the replicator service.

Constructors in com.cloudtran.replicator with parameters of type ManagerEvent
ReplicatorPacket(ManagerEvent event)