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Packages that use TransactionExceptionRetriable
com.cloudtran.api Defines the interfaces to the transaction manager and "cohort", for GigaSpaces products. 

Uses of TransactionExceptionRetriable in com.cloudtran.api

Subclasses of TransactionExceptionRetriable in com.cloudtran.api
 class TransactionExceptionCohortTooBusy
          This exception is thrown from various points to indicate that the Cohort is too busy to service a request.
 class TransactionExceptionLockConflict
          This exception is thrown when the application tries to do a transactional operation on a cache entry that is locked by a different entry.
 class TransactionExceptionManagerTimeout
          This exception indicates that the transaction was timed out by the Manager (or, in CloudTran GigaSpaces, a timeout was reported by the cohort).
 class TransactionExceptionManagerTooBusy
          This indicates that the Manager is too busy to service a request.
 class TransactionExceptionThreadError
          This exception indicates that the transaction cannot currently be committed due because it was simultaneously being processed by another thread.

Methods in com.cloudtran.api that throw TransactionExceptionRetriable
 void ITxBufferManager.abort(CTxDefinition ctxDefinition)
          Aborts the transaction from the client.
 void ITxBufferManager.commit(CTxDefinition ctxDefinition)
          Commits the transaction from the client.
 com.cloudtran.shared.TransactionInstruction ITxBufferManager.getTransactionStatus(long internalTxId)
 CTxDefinition ITxBufferManager.start(CTxDefinition ctxDefinition)
          Start a new distributed transaction.