Class StartManager

  extended by cloudtran.start.StartManager

public class StartManager
extends Object

Starts an instance of the CloudTran Manager and supports application-specific initialization before and after the manager is started. It will return when initialization is complete. Do your own pre-start-up initialization before you make the call to main(). Do any initialization that depends on CloudTran afterwards, such as adding a ManagerEventListener.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static long getMvccTimestamp()
          Reads an MVCC timestamp, using whichever timestamp generator has been configured.
static void main(String[] args)
          Starts the CloudTran Manager.
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Constructor Detail


public StartManager()
Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)
Starts the CloudTran Manager.

If the application has specified the com.cloudtran.user.Init system property, its run() method will be called before the Manager starts its own initialization.

After that, this also sets the system property "tangosol.pof.enabled" - CloudTran requires POF enabled when running on top of Coherence.

It is an error to call any CloudTran methods before calling this method.


public static long getMvccTimestamp()
Reads an MVCC timestamp, using whichever timestamp generator has been configured.

the timestamp, or -1 if the timestamp generator has not yet been initialised.