Class StartClient

  extended by cloudtran.start.StartClient

public class StartClient
extends Object

This class provides the init() method to initialise the CloudTran subsystem from a client. This method must be called before the main work of the client application starts.

To configure application-specific customization in all CloudTran environments (Client, Manager and Isolator), create an initialization class and specify the class name in the com.cloudtran.user.Init system property.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void init()
          This method initializes the CloudTran-Coherence client.
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Constructor Detail


public StartClient()
Method Detail


public static void init()
This method initializes the CloudTran-Coherence client. It must be called by the application before any CloudTran or EclipseLink/TopLink calls.

If the application has specified the system property com.cloudtran.user.Init, this will be called before the main initialisation of the CloudTran client. However, the CTConfig isCloudTranClient(), isIsolatorOrManager(), isIsolator() and isManager() will all be initialized to give correct values by the time the user's init class is called. After that, this also sets the system property "tangosol.pof.enabled" - CloudTran requires POF enabled when running on top of Coherence.