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1.3 Installation Instructions

The CloudTran-Coherence contains a number of examples that can be run within Eclipse. All the jars required to run the examples (except for Coherence.jar and toplink-grid.jar) are contained within the release. If you'd prefer to use Maven repositories then the examples have been provided with pom.xml files to determine the project dependencies.

  1. Download the CloudTran-Coherence distribution from
  2. Unzip it.
  3. The top-level directory created by unzipping will be "CloudTran-CoherenceX.Y/".
  4. The subdirectories are:
    doc/ Contains
    • Cloudtran-Coherence Reviewer's Guide - v1.0.pdf" - the reviewer's guide
    • CloudTranCoherenceGuide/index.html - the User's Guide in HTML. There is a downloadable copy of this manual here.
    examples/ This is an Eclipse Workspace. If Eclipse's workspace is set to this directory the examples can be run within eclipse. The examples are:
    1. LLAPI_MVCC_UnitTests
    2. LLAPI_PL_UnitTests
    lib/ This directory contains jar files - for CloudTran and various open source projects. These jars are referenced by the examples. You will need to download Coherence and TopLink jars and place them here.
    MySQL/ This is the MySQL instance used by the ChildActivities example, which uses the "cloudtrantest" database. MySQL is initialised with an empty database, using the schema at examples\ChildActivities\cloudtrantest.sql.
  5. Copy "coherence.jar", from Coherence 3.7.1, into lib/.

    If you do not have the Coherence product, download it from

    Note that the Coherence download is a file named e.g. "". You must extract coherence.jar from this file then copy it into lib/.

  6. Copy "toplink-grid.jar", from TopLink, into lib/.

    If you do not have toplink.jar, download it from

    Note that the TopLink download is named "". You must extract toplink-grid.jar from this file then copy it into lib/.

1.3.1  Using Maven
Each example has a pom.xml containing the project dependencies. These can be used if you would be preferred to use Maven to determine the project dependencies. This will require Maven to be installed and the repository (local or otherwise) to be available. Maven can then be used to create the classpath for the example projects. In this mode the lib/ directory will not required. The example project's pom.xml contains the following dependency.

To install the coherence.jar and the toplink-grid jars into the Maven repository, the following commands need to be run
mvn install:install-file -Dfile=coherence.jar \
                     -DartifactId=coherence -Dversion=3.7.1 -Dpackaging=jar
mvn install:install-file -Dfile=toplink.jar \
                     -DartifactId=coherence -Dversion=10.1.3 -Dpackaging=jar

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