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Chapter 4.  Developing with CloudTran and TopLink Grid

This chapter describes development with CloudTran and TopLink Grid (TLG). You can alternatively use the Low-Level API.

The starting point for a CloudTran TLG is a stand-alone (non-CloudTran) TLG application. This version of CloudTran uses TopLink Grid 11g Release 1 (

There are a number of example applications available from Oracle - see the link to "Grid Entity Configuration Examples" here.

Most of the ORM level of development is defined by TopLink/EclipseLink - see here for documentation - and the JPA 2.0 specification.

CloudTran makes a few changes to the annotations and various configuration files. These are documented in this chapter.

4.1  Changing a TopLink Grid application to use CloudTran

4.2  Problems

4.3  Caches And Threads

4.4  CloudTran Configuration

4.5  Default '' File

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