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Product Detail




CloudTran is a transaction manager for data grids that enables very high transaction rates in database applications.

Data grids, such as Oracle Coherence, have compelling features:
   - high performance, because the data working-set is held in memory rather than on disk
   - a grid can use commodity hardware, which is much cheaper than buying a single high-performance server costing $millions
   - the ability to expand and contract the grid depending on required capacity, which reduces hardware cost in cloud deployments.
For example, the VISA network has a peak processing capacity that is 12x higher than the average processing load.

However, to save the data updates, transactions need to be shipped from the data grid computers to a database.
   Off-the-shelf products don't handle this correctly.
   Cloudtran solves this problem by its patented scalable transaction manager.

CloudTran supports two types of transaction:
    - one-transaction at a time (which fail if multiple transactions attempt to update the same data value)
   - multiversion concurrency control, which allows updates to a data item by overlapping transactions.

All transaction systems have a pinch point and CloudTran is no exception -
   It is limited by the network performance.
   With current data-centre routers (e.g. 10Gbps) and a single LAN connection between nodes,
   the limit for medium-sized transactions is approximately 25,000 transactions per second.