Use data grid computing to scale-out
transactional applications.

CloudTran gives you ACID transactions for data stored across affordable commodity hardware


Process thousands of business transactions every second.

CloudTran extends the use of in-memory computing with full ACID properties.

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Build scalable web apps quickly and easily.

CloudTran manages the complexity of distributed transactions, persistence, sharding, and replication.

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Choose the right tool for the job.

CloudTran lets you use in-memory data grids for all types of applications... not just those that need data caching.

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Process 30x more transactions than your client/server database.

CloudTran lets you scale out your data layer using in-memory data grids and persistent data stores.

About CloudTran

Using Oracle Coherence?

CloudTran extends the capabilities of Oracle Coherence to provide high-speed, ACID-quality transactions... across node, to the database, and without 2-phase commits.

Get out-of-the-box distributed transactions, transactional persistence to back-end databases, MVCC, datacenter replication, and more! Download CloudTran now!

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Why Use CloudTran

Move mainstream client/server apps to cloud architectures.

Enterprise IT departments moving traditional OLTP applications into public, private, and hybrid clouds often have questions about in-memory data grids and the reliability of in-memory storage. CloudTran addresses this with an add-on for Oracle Coherence that adds high-speed, distributed transactions across data grids nodes and to persistent, back-end databases. Now you can use a in-memory data grid architecture but still have all the advantages of a traditional relational database.

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Deliver more responsive, more scalable shopping carts for your eCommerce website.

We've all experienced it: while shopping the internet for everything from books to insurance, sometimes it takes 5, 10, or even 15 seconds or more for a page to load. We click away and shop someplace else. If this is your company's website, it may be time to look at your data layer architecture. CloudTran keeps transactions running quickly and smoothly using the Oracle Coherence in-memory data grid, and the result? You keep customers.

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Capture more gaming revenue: 99¢ is the new "free".

Internet gaming is as common as online-banking, but handling a rapidly growing, and often unpredictable, user base can be tough. Monetizing content and capability in a world where the typical customer expects everything to be free can be a challenge. Using CloudTran to implement cost-effective micropayments ensures players can keep playing and revenue can keep growing.

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This brief overview describes how CloudTran fits within a distributed application architecture.

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